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Visionaries Pursuing Excellence could be right for you if:

  • You are a Pastor searching for a consortium of like-minded Pastors and on a mission to complete, with excellence, the vision God has given.

  • You are planting a new ministry and could benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of Bishop Rufus and that of other growing ministries throughout the nation.

  • You are in need of a covering that will be available to provide coaching and assistance with organizational structure, growth strategies, and church affairs.

• You have a vision to bring glory to God in the community in which you were planted to serve the community and to help and empower in His people, leading them to greatness.

Personal benefits to you as a Visionaries Pursuing Excellence Pastor:

Pastoral Support - We will help you develop the tools you need to create and exercise the vision God has given you. You will have access to the Bishop to share one-on-one and will receive encouragement and prodding,

where needed, to move forward in your vision.

Association - We will help connect you with a network of experienced
and honest Pastors to fellowship with to give and to gain new ministry ideas. We will challenge you to continue in a Godly lifestyle and hold you accountable to continuous growth in the word of God.

Mentor - We will coach you through the many issues that pastors face. A network of VPE wives is available for support and as a sounding board for your family. You will be pushed to your fullest potential to accomplish the things that God has chosen for you.

Prayer – Prayer is the key to every circumstance. We will continuously lift you, your family, and your ministry up in prayer. 

Information Resource - We will give you access to all of the resources that we have gathered over the years. Charts, templates, processes, and procedures will be gladly shared so that you will not start from ‘ground zero’.

Ministry Support - We will help you develop the infrastructure that will enable you build a spiritually, practically, and financially sound ministry. Your ministry leaders will have access to leadership within the network of VPE. Your leaders will be able to benchmark, share, and glean from others in the organization to avoid common mistakes and quickly rise to excellence in ministry.

What’s required to become a Visionaries Pursuing Excellence Pastor:

To become a member of Visionaries Pursuing Excellence (VPE) a Pastor must be the Senior Pastor of a church ministry. This ministry must exist with membership that extends beyond the pastor’s immediate family.

Requests for membership into Visionaries Pursuing Excellence must include:

A completed application (form attached)
Biography of the Pastor’s life and history of the ministry, include photograph
The church’s mission/vision statement
Enrollment fee of $500.00

The initial enrollment fee of $500.00 must be submitted at the time of application. If an application is denied the initial enrollment fee will be retuned with explanation.

After the initial enrollment fee the ministry is expected to commit to a monthly gift of 10% of the Pastor’s net income. This amount will vary between each ministry partnering with Visionaries Pursuing Excellence. This monthly ministry gift will be made payable to Visionaries Pursuing Excellence or VPE as long as the ministry continues to receive benefits from VPE.

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